Sunday, April 21, 2013

week twelve: first draft video

at this point, we're down to the end... this, i suppose, is my final process post about degree project. i present my final on monday! right now, i'm remixing the song to last the correct duration, and making some revisions to my screens and my film. i'm so excited about this project and so pleased with how it is turning out... it's an exciting feeling. i'm also really enjoying working in final cut, and intend to make lots more movies in my life now that i have gotten the hang of it!

an initial draft of the promotional video for my degree project, a social media website for people in long distance relationships.

as a conceptually relevant ldr sidebar, yesterday was david's & my 4.5th anniversary, and we're going to meet for dinner in des moines this evening, because we don't have time for a proper kansas city or galesburg visit. i realized that we've been "distanced" for 44 months... but not very many more! i'm proud of that, and proud of how this project is turning out. onward to the final version!

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